Involved in an Accident

It is estimated that there are approximately 30 million vehicles travelling on the UK roads and this inevitability gives rise to road traffic accidents, which regrettably is an unwanted situation to be in.

If you have been involved in a road accident which was not your fault and your vehicle is unroadworthy, regardless of your insurance cover we can provide you with a like for like replacement vehicle on a credit hire basis, until your vehicle is repaired or you have use of another vehicle.

We will take over the management of your claim therefore you will have minimum hassle; we can recover your vehicle to a safe location, we will liaise with third-parties insurers to resolve the damage to your vehicle as soon as possible or if your vehicle is not repairable we will request for the pre-accident value to be paid to you.

The hire charges will be deferred for a period allowing time for your claim to be settled with the third parties insurer. The invoice will then be settled directly with the at fault third parties insurer.

We can refer you to a personal injury specialist solicitor who can deal with the personal injury aspect of your claim, we will liaise with them in order to manage the whole of your claim and you will keep 100% of your compensation.

• Like for Like Replacement

• Vehicle Recovery

• Vehicle Repair Management- (All under one roof)

• Liaise with third Party

• Personal Injury management

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